Do you believe in Angels and Witches?

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Do you believe in Angels and Witches?


Do you believe in angels and witches; that is the question thats triggers my soul. Or do you believe in just one of them? Or neither? Witches; are they good or do you see them in a dark place? What is that… that triggers me? Well let me tell you an confession from my soul.


Not so long ago I met a therapist. She is helping my daughter (16) now to learn and to grow.

My first thoughts were; do you have the courage and experience to walk with my daughter? Are you brave enough?

Because when you walk with my daughter you walk with me.



Be brave; my mother told me. You are strong; my mother told me and I knew we were strong.



When you believe in magic do you believe in God? Or do you have to choose?



This part was creating an other me; separating myself from my original me and power. The separation was a way of life, my way to survive. It cost me all of my knowledge and my healing power. And only my power to stay standing in the storm was still there.


Miracles do happen you know and in this time everything is possible.

You just have to learn to noticed them.

Maybe you do already ;-)


Ok, back to the witch thing; lately I was attracted to several kind of series all with strong women in the lead role. Confession; all my life I was reading and watching this same kind of movie or reading the same kind of books. Having magical dreams during the night and day. I used to think that it was my imagination. That I was the only one with these dreams. These books and dreams contained magic and knowledge of herbs and plants. And when I was reading; I already knew. These women had special powers and healing powers. Still it was Netflix or a book.


Something deep inside of me wanted to tell me something. And her voice was getting stronger every year. Like a warrior or a lion. In these books and series there were Strong Women and more interesting they were helping each other. Does it ring a bell? Do you feel disconnected of just connected with other women? This connection is so strong that you will help each other and support each other. And I mean love that true power inside of you that connects; soul to soul. I know it can be scary, just trust yourself your soul you will be allright as I.


I used to be scared of the world outside my own world. So I kept it inside in my hart and head. And start living more and more in my head. Losing connection with my hart and soul. When you lose this connection your soul will help you to come back. Nothing is lost forever. To much energy and emotions to much of everything outside. I was jong and noticed that I was different than others. Back than in the 80’s and 90’s there was a different energie going on. Not every one was seeing the colored bubbles in the night ;-) I kept it to myself and created a special world just for myself. Noticing the magic and beauty of this world kept me from breaking and going mad. Feeling like Alice in Wonderland for a long long time. My old grandmother, rest her soul, helped me to love people and believe me, thank God she did.


No one helped me and I felt I was standing alone. Or when someone touched my soul I was scared and didn’t accept this help. I needed to feel save without fear. Trying to survive. How little I new then…  Now I know we are given several challenges and when we learn from them they will go away and new ones will arrive. You will become stronger. Didn’t you learn you lesson? Than it will come again and again. Several teachers and helpers give me messages and guided me. All from a good hart. Not all knew me for real. Because I always kept my deep soul protected always. And I still do. Only my children could see within. Through their eyes they touched my soul.


It will take;




And Total Devotion


You will get;





and Healing


To grow and connect with your power your energy.

And trust me on this one you are not alone.

I will walk with you if you want… and so it has begone...




How this Blog started?

I received a message; Go out there and help strong women to connect and don’t you hide anymore! Help the strong women connect al let them know they are not alone!



Stay mysterious my teacher said to me and I will.


Love, Patricia



Note; picture is from Sandra Seitamaa / Unsplash

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